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Galyna Pribytkova provides services in different areas of law. Galyna’s major area of work is legal representation of clients in all levels of Court. Galyna strives to achieve best results for her clients by addressing their immediate concerns and protecting their long-term interests.


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Galyna strives to achieve results and exceed expectations of her clients through her commitment to all aspects of their legal matters.


Services are also provided in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Customer Values

Providing the highest level of service to individuals, corporations, non-profits, universities, and other institutions across the province.

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Family Law

Galyna Pribytkova has substantial experience in family law matters, including representation of clients in all levels of Ontario Courts. Family law cases include claims for divorce, equalization, custody and access, child and spousal support, as well as negotiating and drafting domestic agreements, such as Separation and Marriage Agreements.

Commercial Litigation

Galyna represents individuals, sole proprietors and companies with respect to their commercial disputes, such as breach of contract, non-payment for products or services, non-payment of coverage by insurance companies, etc.


If you need to prepare a Will, a Codicil or a Power of Attorney, Galyna Pribytkova is up to the task. Galyna will also help to probate the Will, to obtain a Certificate of Estate Trustee, and to distribute an Estate.