Before our lawyer performs any work, a retainer amount will have to be paid, which amount will be different depending on a client’s case. Our lawyer will also ask you to sign a retainer agreement. A retainer amount is a lump sum of money paid to a lawyer to secure services of the lawyer and to cover legal fees, disbursements and other future expenses related to your matter. The retainer amount is kept in our trust account, and paid to the lawyer only after the client has been billed for the services. A retainer agreement is the contract you sign with your lawyer which authorizes your lawyer to act on your behalf, and sets out hourly rate of the lawyers.


Unfortunately, due to the nature of the areas of the law practice, it is impossible to predict the amount the services will cost. Preparation of a separation agreement, for example, may cost from $1,000 up to $8,000, depending on the situation. The process of preparation of a separation agreement may involve extensive negotiations with opposing party, consultations with a client, and even retainer of an expert to evaluate a party’s business. As a result, there is no fixed rate for any service we do.


Cost of an independent legal advice will also depend on the amount of work a lawyer has to perform. Consultation with respect to a simple 2-page employment contract will cost obviously less than explanation of a complex separation agreement.


Trials are expensive. Therefore, settlements are encouraged by lawyers and by courts.